EthioCo GmbH
Fair Coffee

About our Company 


Our company EthioCo is trading with raw/green coffee of the best quality and is based in Hamburg, Germany. EthioCo plays an important role in the world of raw coffee trade, also because of its magnitude. In this way we contribute to obtaining sustainable and profitable economic growth in Ethiopia.

Due to our permanent deployment in Ethiopia, it is possible for us to deliver orders configured according to customer’s wishes. This also means we can offer various, sustainable produced coffee qualities from different growing regions in Ethiopia.

The protection and the preservation of Ethiopia’s natural resources are very important to us. Our company is highly motivated to contribute to the development of the country.


Fair Trading

Our company merchandises with self - owned and fairly traded products. The aim is to improve the living and working standards of coffee farmers and invest in new coffee plantations areas in Ethiopia.

We offer transparent In - sights into our projects. Concepts for schools, kindergartens and learning programmes will be supported in their realisation.

Fair trading contributes to optimising medical care in rural areas and also helps establish and support counselling and awareness campaigns.

The advantages of fair traded coffee:

  • Agricultural advisory for improved quality
  • Transparent system
  • Secured income
  • Supporting in improving capabilities and performance       
  • Creating more job oppurtunities
  • Ensuring of top qualities through better working standards


Quality and Management

In procurement we not only pay attention to the origin and quality of the coffee but also to the people, who grow and harvest these special delicacies.

The coffee farmers will be paid consistently and fairly, so an improved living standard is possible for them and their families. Perspectively more jobs can be offered in Ethiopia.

The realisation goes along with:

  • Coordinated quality controls according to customer requirements
  • Personalised best - price - solutions
  • Profound product and market research
  • Training and seminars for customers
  • Harmonisation within the quality controls among the origin and customer
  • Chemical analysis which can be performed on customer request
  • We are a member of the German Coffee Association

Our coffees are certified according to European standards.