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Fair Coffee

Highland Raw/Green Coffees


Ethiopian Arabica highland coffee of the highest quality.

Ethiopia produces washed as well as unwashed coffee.

Important coffee growing regions in Ethiopia are:

Sidamo, Yirgacheffee, Guji, Bebeka, Djimmah, Harrar, Lekempti, Limu and Teppi.

Special varieties, such as organically grown coffee or coffee from shade plantations, are also freely tradable in larger quantities. Ethiopian quality coffee is one of the best coffees in the world. The typical taste and the finely developed acids make it so popular. 

Available starting December 2017/ January 2018

  • Sidamo
  • Yirgacheffe
  • Limu
  • Teppi
  • Djimma
  • Harrar 
  • Guji


Additional coffee types and qualities on request!