Your social green coffee trading company from the coffee capital Hamburg

Welcome to EthioCo

We are a social green coffee trading company from the coffee capital Hamburg. Our team consists of coffee specialists with many years of experience in the coffee industry.

Our close cooperation with coffee farmers enables us to market selected specialty coffees from each new harvest. In addition to varieties from Ethiopia, we also offer coffees from other African countries, as well as from Asia and Latin America.


The goals of Fair Coffee Trading:

Agricultural advisory for improved quality and productivity

Secured income for coffee farmers

Support in improving capabilities and performance

Creating more job opportunities

Ensuring of top qualities by better working standards

Saving natural resources

Green coffee samples

Quality management

When sourcing our coffees, we only pay attention to the highest quality.  From drying to processing and storage, quality controls are carried out continuously and can guarantee the traceability.

We make sure that the imported green coffee meets the quality requirements, therefore we continuously check every purchase for quality requirements. Through our many years of experience, we are able to comply with industry standards.

The realisation will be assured by:

Strong partners

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